NMR’s New BFFs: The Young Turks Score $4 Million Payday In First Investment Round

Sometimes I feel like an anchorman who has to abruptly change his emotional dial when I write stories — “Now in happier news …” going from a sad story right into a happy one.

The Young Turks, beloved NMR friends, have become even closer and more meaningful to us with the announcement that they are $4 million richer. During a fundraising round, their first ever, the news/entertainment/culture channel that totally is awesome and looks like it has lost, like, a ton of weight [buy us a jet ski!] the Turks scored a $4 million investment. The money, coming entirely from private investment firm Roemer, Robinson, Melville & Co., LLC (RRM), will use the funding for “network expansion on other platforms, building a sales team, upgrading technical infrastructure and creating more shows,” according to a source with TYT Network. (Yes, I will host a witty and offensive pop culture show!!!)

Of course you know Cenk Uygur, CEO of The Young Turks was excited because he gave a pleasant and inoffensive comment on the matter that expressed as much: “The Young Turks and TYT Network have long been a source of independent news and politics for our millions of fans,” said Uygur. “While we don’t necessarily agree on politics, Buddy (Roemer, a Republican and former congressman, governor and presidential candidate) and TYT both understand money’s damaging influence on our government. Buddy and RRM support TYT Network’s mission to bring our viewers the unrestricted truth and analysis of the world’s news – from politics to movies, pop culture, sports and more.”

Aww, good for them [jet-ski].

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