Top 8 Funniest Pranks From YouTube Creators on This April Fool’s Day

You’d think that on April Fool’s Day, the prank channels would all take the day off. They’d maybe sit back, relax, and let us wreak some havoc of our own (not that us non-prankers would be very good at it, but still). Instead, nope. As Vitaly and Prank vs. Prank and others show us, prankers have to work extra hard on April Fool’s to show why they’re the best. Here are 8 great pranks from YouTubers on April Fool’s Day.

8. SoFloAntonio Pranks Cops With ‘Alcohol’

7. Fine Brothers Do ‘Cats React’

6. PBS Idea Channel pranks… Ikea?

5. TMZ Pranks Beliebers

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