Top 8 Funniest Pranks From YouTube Creators on This April Fool’s Day

4. VitalyZDTV Pulls The ‘I have a baby…”

3. Sam Addams Brewery creates HeliYUM

2. Prank vs Prank Uses The Cat Poo

1. April Fools Day! You only get seven videos of prankery — as we said above, “8 Great Pranks from YouTube Creators,” not eight videos. The last prank is on you!

Hmm, we also said eight GREAT pranks … well, we’ll work on that.

Also, want to win a new Sony HDR-AS10/B Compact POV HD Action Camera Ultimate Bundle worth over $200??? First 10 people to write “April Fool’s Day” in the comments will have a chance of being entered in our drawing.

Here are some cool prank videos, possibly filmed with the Sony HDR-AS10/B:

YouTube Asks For Users To Submit Meme Ideas To #NewTrends Conveniently On April Fool’s Day [VIDEO]

Smosh, Break Team Up To Give Hardworking Waitress The Best Day Ever [VIDEO]

Gotta Catch Them All: Google Maps & Pokémon Team Up To Offer Dream Job at Google [RULES INSIDE]

Hahahaha, hope you read this far down. That camera thing was the actual prank! We ain’t givin’ out no cameras today, fool! Still got it! U-S-A, U-S-A!

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