Video Monopoly? Dailymotion Cites ‘Unfair Practices’ in Beef With YouTube, Google

So Dailymotion isn’t happy about YouTube


Yeah, no shit. This is how Hydrox likely feels about Oreo. See, for every big dog out there, there is some little dog screaming “monopoly” or “anti-trust.” In the digital video world, it’s everyone except the behemoth YouTube who seems to be crying foul. Dailymotion, the European competitor to YouTube, has claimed that the Google-owned company has been engaging in unfair practices by utilizing its search engine parent to occlude Dailymotion searches while supplementing YouTube videos in their place. Basically, Dailymotion contends that Google is pulling the ol’ switcharoo and offering their videos to people who are innocently and actively searching for Dailymotion videos. And the numbers between the two aren’t even close: YouTube is pulling in more than a billion views monthly while Dailymotion nets just 135 million a month to its corner of the web. Certainly with that sort of numbers disparity it seems like some manner of unfairness is going on.

Of course, there is just one little thing …


A fairly intensive eight-year independent research inquisition lead by European Comission’s Anti-Trust chief Joachin Almunia has looked into the allegations and yet has given YouTube the all-clear. As in, “no monopolies here.” This does not sit well with Dailymotion head Giuseppe de Martino. “Europe should be aware that the US is ruling the digital world and Europe should react,” he says. Is this a case of sour grapes or does Dailymotion have a legitimate concern? Considering the digital marketplace is only getting busier, it would seem that Dailymotion needs to pull all manner of strings to keep their videos streaming. I wonder how long before Dailymotion is posing for sexy pictures and pawning its stereo system to keep the lights on?

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