VitalyZDTV Gets Pwned In a Major Way By The Dudesons — Let The Prank War Begin [VIDEO]

And so began the great Prank War of 2014!

The Dudesons have kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest in fucking up VitalyZDTV’s car, and now Vitaly has promised to punish the Finnish pranksters.

“We wanted to give Vitaly some of his own medicine! And (we’re) looking forward to the payback… if he dares,” said Jukka of the Dudesons to NMR. “It’s tough to prank pranksters because they are so suspicious all the time, but this time we truly nailed it! And Vitaly loves his car…”

It’s an interesting sort of prank too — fucking up someone’s car is more a “prank” than a prank. If you stick someone with an infected needle and then yell, “Kidding!” it’s still not really a prank, you know?

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 4.02.11 PM

But the Dudesons are good-time guys and Vitaly will certainly cook up something equally nasty. So now it’s more about playing the waiting game and seeing what the hell comes next. I honestly don’t envy what the Dudesons have in store … but I also don’t envy what they are going to do to retaliate against Vitaly after that … sweet, sweet revenge for revenge, the coldest kind.

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