Which Of These 10 YouTube Gamers Has The Best ‘Goat Simulator’ Video? [POLL INSIDE]

Not since the internet found out goats could scream has there been such a barnyard frenzy on YouTube. It’s total pandemonium … or would that be goat-damonium? All the gamers you know, love and listen to have gone “goat crazy” over the new “Goat Simulator” game from Coffee Stain Studios. It’s basically “Grand Theft Auto” … only you’re a goat. I dare say it’s rivaling “Game of Thrones” for attention this week. But which of the gamers does the best goat? Here are 10 of the best videos from some of YouTube’s biggest gaming channels. Which one do you like the best?

10. The Diamond Minecart (Pig Simulator – Minecraft)

9. Daithi Do Nogla

8. Rabbaz

7. Inside Gaming

6. Comedy Shorts Gamer

5. Yogscast

4. CaptainSparklez

3. Toby Games

2. PewDiePie

1. Rooster Teeth

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You know, the legend goes: If you don’t share this article, someone will send a goat for you! I know I wouldn’t want to find out it’s true, would you?

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