YouTube Exec Talks Fanbases vs. Audiences and the Power of the ‘Psy Effect’

Want to know the secret to sustainability and success in entertainment these days? Just ask YouTube’s Global Head of Entertainment, Alex Carloss. “An audience tunes in when they’re told to; a fanbase chooses when and what to watch,” said Carloss at the MIPTV television industry conference in Cannes. “An audience changes the channel when their show is over. A fanbase shares, it comments, it curates, it creates.”

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Carloss also cites similarities between TV and YouTube, pointing out that when YouTube views go up, so do TV ratings. As evidence, he cites the power of talk show entertainers like Jimmy Kimmel and Ellen Degeneres and their savvy use of the YouTube brand to promote their own agendas. Ellen frequently brings YouTubers in and turns them into stars, and Kimmel has built a loyal YouTube empire from his frequent posts with viral tendencies.

Additionally, there is what is known as the “Psy Effect” — Psy’s crossover hit “Gangnam Style” introduced the global digital community to K-pop. Before “Gangnam Style,” K-pop’s YouTube presence hovered around 2 billion views. Now its up around 7 billion, and most of the views are coming from outside Korea.


“Today, the lion’s share of people watching K-Pop videos live outside of Asia – 91 percent of them outside Korea,” said Carloss. “For so long language has served as a barrier between cultural exchange, but thanks to the power of video and the internet, those barriers are breaking down entirely.”

The bottom lines? YouTube will help your entertainment business grow, and if you are going to use YouTube, make it globally accessible to maximize your potential. YouTube … powerful stuff.

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