New Study: YouTube Viewers Less Interested in TV [INFOGRAPHIC]

As YouTube real estate gets snatched up by media corporations like some new media version of Monopoly, all of media is wondering what happens next? Well, lately we’ve been leaning in the direction of television having the upper hand — but like the title of this little mystery suggests, there are some new kinks to be worked out.


Now it seems nearly 20 percent of YouTube viewers aren’t that interested in TV anymore. Roughly one-fifth of YouTube enthusiasts say they pay less attention to TV and a full 17 percent are watching less television overall. Even I have to admit I can’t even pay attention to “Game of Thrones” or the NHL playoffs without my eyes wandering back to my precious online genital mutilation community. Fortunately, only 1 percent has abandoned TV entirely for YouTube, so there’s still hope.

Additionally, a recent UK study showed that over 90 percent of YouTubers are over 18 and 50 percent are older than 35! Only 10 percent are 13-17, which should factor heavily into who matters most on YouTube … turns out kids don’t matter.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 7.28.19 PM

Most of these numbers come courtesy of The Drum, so blame them if they’re wrong, but the bottom line is: YouTube has more dogs left in this fight against TV than perhaps anyone expected.

Take this article and release it unto the world like a dove of peace.

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