YouTube to Live Stream Coachella 2014, Offer Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Don’t have a bajillion dollars to spend on standing in the desert for three days while hipsters wax about the shortcomings of Austra while hating how commercial Pharrell Williams has gotten? Good news — T-mobile on YouTube can wire you that experience with Coachella on YouTube.

From and, you will get free access to select live performances, playbacks of concert highlights, more behind-the-scenes footage than you can likely shake a stick at and everything you want from Coachella without having to leave the comfort of your home. And who will host such a convenient extravagance, you ask? Why, none other than Jason Bentley, KCRW music director and host of the internationally-acclaimed show “Morning Becomes Eclectic.” Of course this will all be free during Coachella (April 11-13), but in the weeks after the show it switches to an on-demand, video playback sort of format.

This seems like the much better deal than Coachella live, honestly. If you really want the concert experience, I will come over, sell you an $8 bottle of water and crowdsurf your dad, but somehow I think you will be fine without that part.

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