YouTube Unveils New Creator Playbook For Brands: 6 Things You Need To Know

Okay, we threw that “what you need to know” tag on the title just to get you to click in (that’s kind of a big no-no according to the Playbook though) — you pretty much should know everything this book has to offer if you want to be taken seriously as a YouTuber. This thing is valuable. That being said, we’ve highlighted (and cut and pasted) some stuff that we think is especially crucial that you can focus on for maximum value.

You can check out the entire Playbook here. But if you want the TL;DR version, here are some key nuggets of information that all YouTubers should have burned into their brains:

1. What kind of content to create

As regards content creation, we (YouTube) propose structuring three complementary types of content in the following framework: hygiene, hub and hero content.

Hygiene content: What is your audience actively searching for regarding your brand or industry? What can serve as your 365-day-relevant, always-on, PULL content programming? E.g. product tutorials, how-to content, customer service, etc.

Hub content: The content you develop on a regular basis to give a fresh perspective on your target’s passion points. (E.g. verticalized content about a product line.) This is often staggered throughout the year.

Hero content: What content do you want to PUSH to a big, broad audience? What would be your Super Bowl moment? A brand may have only a few hero moments in a year, such as product launch events or industry tent-poles.

2. Collaboration! Collaboration! Collaboration!

The audience you’re seeking already exists on YouTube – you just need to find it. One effective method? Collaborate with established YouTube creators who are already reaching your target demo.

3. Converse With Viewers

Part of what makes YouTube remarkable is that you can converse with your fans in real time. They can let you know instantaneously what you’re doing right and what’s falling flat.

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