YouTube Unveils New Creator Playbook For Brands: 6 Things You Need To Know

4. Metadata

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it uses metadata – your video’s title, tags and description – to index your video correctly. To maximize your presence in search, promotion, suggested videos and ad-serving, make sure your metadata is well-optimized. This includes title, description and tags.

In regards to the the title:

Make it compelling – this is your video’s headline. If it showed up in a search, would you click on it?

Avoid titles that trick viewers into clicking on the video. This will cause drop-offs in the first few seconds of your video and will negatively impact your video’s watch time.

5. Channel name

Pick a short, memorable channel name in line with your brand identity. This will appear widely across YouTube, so make sure it’s the best representation of your brand.

6. Social media

Don’t limit your purview to YouTube. Many viewers will encounter your videos through social media, other websites and blogs. Cross-channel, device-agnostic campaigns are the key to social success. Be ready to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time. Remember:

• 500 years of YouTube videos watched on Facebook/day.

• 700 YouTube videos shared on Twitter/minute.

What works on Facebook might not work on Google+ and vice versa. The most innovative and effective brands use a variety of social networks to achieve different objectives.

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Well, that’s some of the most important stuff we got from the +100 page book (whew!). YouTube has started to really push their advertising programs, so that takes up a good chunk of the real estate.

Like we said though, it’s all good so be sure to pour over this stuff.

And as always, let NMR know what you think.