Zombies And Axe Murderers: Blackbox TV & Ketchum Labs Join Forces To Bring More Horror To YouTube

Quick, what’s your favorite niche genre on YouTube?

Did you say “horror”? Good, me too, keep reading. Blackbox TV and Ketchum Labs have teamed up on a couple new horror projects, making their awesome pact known today.


The projects, one a zombie-based “reality” show, and the other a haunted house movie, look to be involving YouTube but also expanding beyond the borders of that realm to encapsulate multi media platforms.

“The goal of Ketchum Labs is to find new and exciting ways to bring content to the conversation,” said Kevin Abrams of Ketchum Labs in a release. “We think we’ve done just that by partnering with Tony Valenzuela and BlackBoxTV. Nobody gets genre material like Tony Valenzuela.”

The zombie show, called “Fight of the Living Dead” will feature several YouTubers including Jesse and Jeana of “Prank vs. Prank,” Joey Graceffa, Megan Camarena (AKA “Strawburry17”) and Iman “Alphacat” Crosson attempting to “survive” for 24-hours in a zombie-infested hellscape.


The movie “Villisca,” meanwhile, draws from real life and details the story of eight brutal murders that took place in 1912 and will have special features released through the Blackbox TV channel.

Hell yes.

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