Advice Writer’s Hard Line Response Goes Viral: Real Advice Or Faked Slam On Religion?

As I am sure we are about to find out yet again, writing about religion is tough and decisive. People get upset easily. And yet, religion is such a facet of pop culture, sometimes it gets brought up because people feel the need to discuss it.

Such is the case with this viral image of a newspaper clipping considering syndicated advice columnist Amy Dickinson who writes popular advice column “Ask Amy.” A woman wants to know how to deal with her sister who is not only financially less well off, but also “less religious.”


Ask Amy sagely calls the asker of the question a terrible person and a frank admonishment of the woman’s religious comprehension follows. As a result, the article has created a viral stir on social media as people race to chime in from both sides of the aisle. What’s funny is that though “Christianity” is never explicitly stated in the piece, that’s the religion most of the devout are rushing to defend — methinks some guilt is involved here.

But is this piece real at all? Or has Ask Amy just found a clever way to stir up some marketing? I can see both sides — A. I’ve encountered my unfair share of people who wield their religion like a billy club, B. I used to co-write an advice column and we’d happily make up questions to fulfill our need for content.

If Ask Amy did manufacture the question, Dickinson might have brewed up a pot of coffee she won’t be able to handle — then again, the only way we can know if it’s real is if the actual writer of the question steps forward (and that’s an unlikely scenario).


And because we won’t likely get a real answer to the authenticity of the question, I guess we’re going to have to have some faith — that should be easy enough for both sides …

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