Aliens? Government? Spies? The Mysterious WebDriver Torso YouTube Channel Finally Gets UnMasked

If you like intrigue, mystery, danger, espionage, government secrecy and cryptic messages to extraterrestrials being sent through YouTube … read no further.

In what easily has to be the most anticlimactic story ever written, the internet’s search for truth came to a screeching halt with the answer to one of YouTube’s strangest mysteries. Here’s what happened (but like I warned you, the answer sucks):

Recently, the collective internet stumbled upon a strange YouTube channel called Webdriver Torso that had an impressive collection of videos — roughly 77,000 of them, all strangely similar nonsense. Each video was the same length, had the same blue and red interacting rectangles and seemingly random audio pitches throughout. Considering the number of videos and their bizarre content matter, people got suspicious that someone … or SOMETHING was trying to communicate through code. Perhaps alien code.

The Daily Dot even got their Geraldo Rivera on and attempted to track down this mysterious “Webdriver Torso.” The whole internet (minus you, probably) was pretty well certain that whatever this was, it was going to bring everybody down — Obama, Putin, E.T., Jesus, the Dos Equis guy — all of them. Whatever this was, it wasn’t NOTHING.

And then it turned out to be nothing. Some random New York-based software tester saw the articles on the mysterious videos and chimed in to boringly report that it was just some European company running tests on YouTube’s compression software and those random videos were just the easiest way to do it. Yawn, right?

Well here’s the kicker: NMR rejects that answer. Sure it seems to make sense, but we don’t care. We believe it is a government conspiracy and whoever this software tester is — he’s just been sent in by the government as a decoy!!! The code is real! Everybody, get your tinfoil hats on now! Scramble, scramble, scramble!

After you get your tinfoil on, but before you climb into your bomb shelter, be sure to share this with everyone you know … who deserves to know the truth. Wink.

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