An Unlikely Kinship — Dog Befriends Disabled Cat In Adorable YouTube Video

That cat ain’t right.

At first, I thought there was something wrong with my computer. The video seemed all spastic and jumpy — and then I realized that it was just this little puffball of a cat, Ralphee. Born with a neurological disorder that makes the kitten unable to control its limbs, an unlikely buddy has come into Ralphee’s world.

A cattle dog named Max has befriended Ralphee and looks after her as she goes about her daily cat business — albeit with a few extra maneuvers that keep Max on point.

According to the duo’s owner, Ralphee gets so excited to see Max, it amps up her energy — not that this adorable kitten needs any extra energy. Hopefully more footage from the world of Ralphee and Max gets posted. With 1.5 million views on this video already, there’s clearly an audience for this impossibly cute pair.

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