Anchorwoman Fires Off Live On-Air Viral Rant About Selfish Viewers [VIDEO]

Half my job feels like it is spent writing about the odd shit that news reporters do …

This anchorwoman, Sioux Falls, South Dakota’s own spitfire, Nancy Naeve, went on an on-air tear, reaming viewers who had the audacity to call in and complain about local news affiliate KSFY’s tornado-warning interrupting regularly scheduled programming.

As Naeve quite correctly points out in the video, lives were saved directly as a result of that interruption and human lives are more important than reruns of “Bait Car” (she didn’t actually reference “Bait Car,” but you just know that’s what those folks were watching).

And don’t worry, Nancy won’t get in trouble for her comments:

“Our single most important mission as a station is to inform and protect the public. Our weather team knows that when life-threatening conditions are present anywhere in our vast viewing area, we will pre-empt programming. Shawn (Cable, Nancy’s co-anchor) did exactly what he was supposed to do in that situation,” said Jim Berman, KSFY’s president and general manager.

“As for Nancy’s comments, her passion on this subject was quite evident and understandable–and was a reflection of what all of us at KSFY believe–that protecting our viewers is top priority.”

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