Are You In The 5 Percent? YouTube Launches Google Preferred At NewFronts

“Veni Vidi Vici” seems to be the tone in the aftermath of YouTube’s presentation at NewFronts, the advertising/marketing summit held in New York every year. YouTube’s agenda? Push the Google Preferred platform that would help advertisers ensure their content was attached to the upper echelons of YouTube talent. And they did that, assuring advertisers that the top 5% of YouTubers would be central to advertising from big corporations who partnered with Google and YouTube.


“We’re in the middle of a big revolution with video,” said new YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. “It’s all changing and YouTube is playing a key role. I wanted to play a key role in that revolution.”

In practically the same breath, YouTube also announced another collab with Dreamworks Animation, owners of AwesomenessTV and producers of YouTube Nation, on a new YouTube channel — DreamworksTV. Happily, there will be animated content.

dreamworkstvAnd because YouTube and Dreamworks have the cash to pull it off, they closed their presentation with a live performance from Pharrell Williams doing “Happy.”

Yup, everybody is happy these days … except Dailymotion.

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