Band Scams Spotify For $20,000 … The Legal Way

One of these guys has got to be a Nigerian prince because this is some good scamming …

The L.A.-based band Vulfpeck wasn’t impressed by the $0.007 royalty Spotify was offering to its artists per listen, so they created a novel way to make the most of it. They recorded a completely silent album called “Sleepify” and encouraged their small fanbase to stream it through the night as they went to sleep. Though only a fanbase of about 1,000 people, those constant streams began to add up and pay off. Played on repeat, the album could generate as much as $3 in royalties a night for the band. Pretty soon the royalty checks, which were originally intended to fund a few free shows, paid for a whole tour.


Spotify, who has yet to pony up the full amount (but likely will insists the band), eventually wised up to the scheme and made the band remove the album, claiming it was a violation of their terms and conditions.

“It’s a clever stunt but we prefer Vulfpeck’s earlier albums,” Spotify spokesman Graham James said. “Sleepify seems derivative of John Cage’s work.” Say what you want, these guys are the definition of New Media Rockstars.

Wipe that egg off your face and eat it, Spotify. Hehehe.

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