Bart Baker, The Fine Bros. & Shane Dawson Frustrated By Google ‘Issues’ And Metrics Drops

Sometimes, it’s so damn cool being a “reporter.” You know that thing we reported on yesterday about the Google Preferred system apparently being flawed? If you don’t recall, we published a letter from a mysterious YouTube creator named Melody … you can read it here … well today she wrote back to inform me that her name isn’t really Melody and that we are in the midst of some heavy “Deep Throat Operation” type shit. She doesn’t want to get burned by “the hand that feeds her” so she’s gone deep undercover, even creating a fake email account to keep us in the dark. Shadow conspiracies are awesome!


“Melody” also said she’d been doing some more digging and on top of the recent issues many of the creators have apparently been having with sudden metric drops on their channels, she noticed something else that is fishy. She dug around on the Google forum where YouTubers were registering their complaints about the Adsense issues and the metric drops. And as Melody tells it: “I did some Melody-science and noticed two things that most of the channels posting here have in common: 1. Not partnered with a network. 2. They were on those lists.”

Are the creator metrics losses somehow related to the Google Preferred issues? Clearly there are affiliated creators who are attached to the metrics issues as well because this public dialogue between NMR friends The Fine Bros. and Bart Baker and Shane Dawson went down:

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 6.27.53 PMScreen shot 2014-05-06 at 6.34.53 PMScreen shot 2014-05-06 at 6.29.53 PM

But what does it all mean, dammit?

According to Google, the issues appear to be unrelated — here are some of the comments (also gathered by “Melody” — she’s awesome I tell you):

“This seems to be a larger technical issue affecting other partners as well, and the relevant technical specialists are working on fixing this. I will inform you as soon as I receive an update on the same.Thank you for your patience and cooperation.”

May 5th, someone got: “Please be rest assured that we are treating this issue as high-priority. Our engineers are investigating this at the moment. I will have an update for you on this issue as soon as I hear from them.I deeply regret the inconvenience caused.”

And May 3rd someone posted: “Hello Peggy, A few of us have contacted Partner Support – and while they have formed an internal team we have not been updated since Wednesday. If my math is correct – the people posting on this forum represents over 200 million monthly YouTube views….Thanks!”


Big YouTubers are losing money in a way they never have before, strange YouTube accounts are getting undeserved attention from Google Preferred, and everything seems suspect. It’s perhaps too soon to start claiming this is anything more than a means of smoothing out the wrinkles in a new method, but as the ever astute “Melody” finishes off:

Screen shot 2014-05-06 at 6.53.06 PM

She’s not wrong. What do you all think?

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