Cinco De YouTube: 5 YouTube Channels That Celebrate All Things Mexico [VIDEOS]

This is one of those lists that kind of gets people in trouble. Why are we waiting for a “special day” to recognize a specific culture? “Oops, it’s Martin Luther King Jr.’s b-day, time to throw up five black creators who we like.” Fortunately for NMR, we don’t see color — we like everybody equally (yes, even Onision). And so, it was ENTIRELY A COINCIDENCE that we decided to feature a list of five videos that emphasize varying aspects of Latin culture on CINCO DE MAYO! I think it is fair for you to get offended if we NEVER covered anything related to Hispanic culture aside from this — but for now, lets all celebrate the serendipity with some (insert ethnic-sounding food that will make Hispanic people realize we relate to them through the international language of deliciousness). Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

5. Melanie Iglesias

How can we have a list of Latin YouTube culture and not feature the hottest woman on YouTube, Melanie Iglesias? The reality? We’d be loco not to!

4. Easy Cooking With Sandy

What’s fascinating to me is that this channel has gotten way less popular as Sandy has switched to English from her native Spanish-language tongue. And yet, the recipes haven’t gotten any worse! Even in Spanish, this recipe for orange chicken (sorry, Sandy and I love all foods, racists!) is easy to figure and delicious!

3. Arjen de Nobel

There is nothing more beautiful than the strum of a Spanish guitar (save for entry #5 on this list). Most of the channels purporting to be Spanish guitar channels are goofy old long-haired white guys though. Here’s some authentico for you.

2. SUPEReeeGo

What good is life if you can’t laugh at yourself and your culture for both your strengths and weaknesses, realities and stereotypes. As a bohemian, I am always making fun of my wolfman-esque body hair. SUPEReeeGO — the channel for comedian Eric G. Ochoa to delight in all things Mexican culture. It’s pretty goddamn funny and pretty goddamn popular. I’m a subscriber — join me, amigos.

1. Werevertumorro

I don’t understand anything he says, but Werevertumorro is by far the most popular Mexican YouTuber. I don’t know what happened to his videos (he only has seven of them currently posted — and he’s been around a lot longer than that), but when it comes to Español on YouTube, with eight million subscribers, the conversation begins and ends with Werevertumorro.

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