Dangerous Brazilian Gang Fires Machine Guns In Air To Celebrate Soccer Goal — At Site Of Upcoming World Cup Games [VIDEO]

Okay, everyone who goes to the World Cup this year is going to be murdered …

This footage is from a local soccer match in Rio, Brazil, the same place that’s holding the 2014 World Cup where thousands of innocent soccer-loving global tourists will soon descend on a slum-infested and dangerous city to hoot for their favorite sports teams.

That sound you hear after a goal is scored in this soccer match? That is a local gang firing their AK-47s in the air for about 40 seconds to celebrate. Can you imagine what the f**k might have happened if the other team had scored?

Yeah, I’m not going near Brazil. A sweet piece of ass like myself would be mercilessly picked apart and repeatedly savaged by the local rough trade … hmm … then again …

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