Disney’s Plan For Maker Studios? Star Wars

Good, that headline was just cryptic enough to drag you in here …

See Bob Iger, CEO at Disney, just released his bold new plan for Maker Studios, and that plan seems to be long and short-form video content revolving around “Star Wars.”

Since they bought the property last year (LucasFilm, not Maker), it has been no secret that Disney was intent on maximizing its “Star Wars” capabilities. You’d better believe a “Star Wars” theme park is going to happen. Its intent for Maker Studios (purchased in March) however, has been less obvious. Until now.


“We can allow the Maker people to substantially improve the distribution and reach of shorter form video using these characters and stories and add their expertise on the production side,” said Iger during an interview with Variety. When he says characters and stories, by the way, he’s talking about Han and Luke and all your favorites (and not-so-favorites) popping up in online content.

The question is: Will Disney make its money back on all of this before everyone gets really really sick of anything “Star Wars”?

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