Epic Rap Battles’ Nice Peter Lyrically Details Goku vs. Superman, Meeting Obama [INTERVIEW]

Is there a more coveted/beloved channel in all of YouTubedom than Epic Rap Battles of History? I think not (though Epic Meal Time would be a lot of fun to be on … mostly …). Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd have finally delivered on one of the biggest and most popular fan suggestions of all time: Goku vs. Superman. And it only took until midway through “season 3.5” to do it. Perhaps the wait is what makes this battle so particularly epic.


Following on the heels of their hit “Walter White vs. Rick Grimes” (really is there any Epic Rap Battles that aren’t a hit?), Goku vs. Superman might actually be the Epic Rap Battle that completely destroys this and all other universes.

NMR decided to get the skinny on what’s up with the guys of Epic Rap Battles … okay, just Nice Peter for now. It turns out that in addition to serving up sweet burns he also can serve up a good, quick interview. And to address fan concerns, no, it isn’t our interviews that are getting shorter (editorial wink).

Goku vs. Superman seems like it has been a long time coming — who do you think wins that battle (and not just lyrically)?

Oh man … I can’t pick a winner between those two. We tried very hard to make it a fair match. I do admit, if I judge on the audience’s reaction, Goku took it, but I’d say Superman gave him a run for his money.

What is an Epic Rap Battle that you haven’t been able to do that you want to?

We do what we want to.

Do you ever run across the issue of having slams that are just too offensive to use in the video? Any stand out in particular?

No, we like to say the jokes that need to be said — sometimes it gets ugly. We’ve always operated under the thinking that if we don’t call something out, it’s more insulting than if we do.

What was it like meeting Barack Obama? Better or worse experience than you imagined? In your mind were you like, “I’m gonna rap battle this chump?”

It was a great experience. I never intended to rap battle him or call him a chump.

What is the most annoying comment you get about Epic Rap Battles?

People often say they are getting shorter, they aren’t. But, I learned a long time not to let myself get annoyed by comments. It is part of the joy of YouTube. Truly, it’s an open forum where people can express their thoughts, and those thoughts are very important to me. Hidden within the noise is very important feedback on how our videos are connecting with the audience.

Will Nice Peter ever rap battle EpicLloyd? Who would win?

We did Nice Peter vs EpicLLOYD as the finale to our first season. Research and sarcasm won!

Did I just get burned by Nice Peter? Daaaaaaaaamn. Maybe if I wasn’t so busy covering the entire internet I could be your official biographer? Who won? You decide. And share this article because it is epic.

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