Family Feud Contestant Has Worst ‘Fast Money’ Round Ever (Plus the Best Win Ever)

Man, this had to be an awkward car ride home.

Anna Suss needed just 18 “Fast Money” points on “Family Feud” to win her Stockton brood $20,000. You can sneeze and get 18 points on “Fast Money.” And yet, ouch. Steve Harvey can only offer an earnest “Sorry” at the end of it.

Videos like this one, of a “Family Feud” contestant absolutely snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, really detail where you fall on the humanity scale. You know she is going to lose — we wouldn’t be covering it unless something spectacular went down. Also, you likely read our damn headline, so what were you feeling as you watched? Was it utter joy? Heartbreak for this poor woman and her excited family?


You don’t have to tell us (but you should — comment, dammit!), but whatever you felt as you watched this video is the real you. If you were vindictive and excited, plan your career accordingly — I’m sure Perez Hilton could use a sidekick.

To make you feel better, here is the best “Family Feud” win ever:

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