Forget Poke: Facebook is Developing A New Rival To Snapchat

Just overpay for the damn company already …

Allegedly Facebook’s failure with messaging app Poke has only made the company hungrier to design an app that can rival Snapchat. Enter Slingshot into the conversation. Slingshot, which is still in just the rumor stage, could launch as early as later this month though — provided it does actually exist (and sources are adamant it does).

The app, which would function with the same limited viewing window that makes Snapchat so enticing to youngsters and perverts, seeks to enhance the functionality of Snapchat’s core idea as a tactic of beating it at its own game.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 1.37.55 PM

Snapchat isn’t standing pat against Facebook though; the site has been busy adding text messaging and one-and-two-way video options in the recent months. And if that isn’t enough frustration for Facebook, Yahoo recently purchased a Snapchat-like app called Blink.

Hmm, so many ways to sext, so little people who want to sext back.

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