Freddy Fairhair’s ‘How To Ask A Girl Out (Using Her Own Advice)’ Is The Smoothest Pickup Tactic On YouTube [VIDEO]

“Use a girl’s own pickup advice to get her number” …

As far as smooth moves go, people, this is the James Bond of pickup lines. It’s pretty much flawless and results in many phone numbers generated by many girls. And you can tell that even the ones who didn’t give up a phone number were fascinated by the approach.

As YouTuber Freddy Fair hair points out, this is a perfect move for socially awkward and shy guys. And with over 1.2 million views so far, clearly the internet agrees with him. Of course it helps that he’s handsome, foreign and has incredibly fair hair.

The other issue here is that this is so crafty it’s quickly going to fly to the top of girls’ radars as a “cheesy pickup line” because EVERYONE is going to be using it on the bar scene going forward. It’s like when girls caught on to that whole pick-up artist con game with the “negging” and the stupid hats.

Still, until it becomes cliche, use the hell out of this technique — especially if you’re handsome and have a successful YouTube channel.

Share this article only with those people who you know can benefit from this technique. Also, girls, pretend you never saw it.

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