Girl Band Uses On-Screen Orgasms To Buzz Up Almost A Million YouTube Views [VIDEO]

Back in the 50s, the Hayes Code dominated Hollywood and prevented filmmakers from being too naughty with their antics. YouTube is sort of like that, what with its “no nudity” clauses and good family values pervading the medium.

So people who are really intent on being explicit have to get smart with their misbehaving if they don’t want to get busted. Take all-female electronic music group ADAM, from the Netherlands, who perform their single “Do You Really Wanna Know” while using vibrators offscreen. By the end of the video, they’re clearly too preoccupied to remember the lyrics.

Is it too outre for YouTube? Or is it just right for making a name for oneself in the crowded digital space?

Based on the fact that they’ve rocked up almost a million views in a day, just from “jilling off” while trying to sing a terrible song, I’d say they’re doing exactly what they need to be doing.

I can’t wait to see what they do for an encore.

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