Godzilla Steps On YouTube Space L.A. — No, Not Literally. Sigh [VIDEOS]

The YouTube Space in Los Angeles has Godzilla fever (it’s like psoriasis, only you breathe fire). Bringing in a bunch of props and set stuff from the upcoming Legendary Pictures movie, some of the soundstages look like the shredded aftermath of a war zone. And yet, it’s all part of the YouTube Next Lab experience.

Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 2.33.13 PM

Given the Space’s proximity to Hollywood, it only makes sense that a logical production bridge be extended between YouTube and Tinseltown, you know, for marketing purposes. As a result, a giant lizard has attacked YouTube’s treasured hub to spread awareness to the online world about the forthcoming savagery of the mightiest monster since Cthulu.

But that bridge doesn’t go just one way — YouTubers have also been granted almighty access to the props and resources of the flick. Below, Jason Horton dishes with the screenwriter, Max Borenstein, about “Godzilla.” But he isn’t the only one to take advantage of a seriously cool and destruction presence lingering around the space.

The mighty monster flick drops May 16, so expect a lot of hype from the YT community between then and now concerning the giant green lizard from the depths of the ocean including from Hannah Hart, Black Nerd Comedy and Nerdist. In the meantime, here are some other awesome Godzilla-inspired YouTube stuff for your fire-breathing Friday:



Anna Akana:

Be sure to look in on NMR this weekend and glimpse our interview with Hannah Hart from the Godzilla Space! Rawr!

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