How YouTube’s Colin Furze Became A Living Superhero Through Working Wolverine Claws & Magneto Boots [INTERVIEW]

Colin Furze deserves a TV show. I’m not sure who that audience is yet — kids probably, but the man is an absolute maniac with an absolute gift for amazing contraptions. If I’d had him on Saturday mornings teaching me cool tricks of technology I might have done something noble with my life. So let’s get this guy in as the new Bill Nye stat!

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The new X-Men movies have been a revelation for Mr. Furze, who has taken his engineering knowledge into the realm of superheroes. Engineering actual, working Wolverine claws that can retract and extend at the tense of a pneumatic trigger, Furze is a slight menace to society’s safety. Add in “Magneto boots” that allow him to walk on the ceiling, and he’s full on crazy/dangerous — not that he would ever use his “powers” for evil. On the contrary, he seems like he’s gearing up to protect the human race. And if that’s not exciting enough, he’s got one more X-Men gadget video dropping tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if it’s the ability to control the weather or run through walls.

We got ahold of the zany and high-spirited inventor to find out what exactly he plans to use his weapons of awesome destruction for — and how he ended up displaying them online in the first place. Be sure to check out our quickie interview with him below and then look up his channel to witness the ultimate in tech badassery.

Okay, you’ve got retractable claws, Magneto boots and you seem crazy as hell. Tell me you are going to become the world’s first real supervillain …

After reading that you have me thinking maybe I should, but not sure the world needs more baddies at moment although I’d be the coolest.

What made you decide to invent this stuff?

I love the X-Men films and have seen people try to create Wolverine’s claws but just thought no one has done this properly yet and it deserves it so much, as the feeling you get when those blades slide out is brilliant.

What else are you in the process of inventing?

I’ve got another world record to try and crack and I’m going to do a small invention show online to showcase some really strange stuff I’ve made.

What made you decide to go on YouTube in the first place?

I’d been making videos before YouTube but having a worldwide audience is far more rewarding than whoever you could lend a VHS tape to.

Do you feel like your inventions could have practical applications as well as fun ones?

Maybe, but as soon as they do it becomes serious and I’m not interested in that side of things yet. I want to have fun and get people excited about making things not selling stuff.

Seriously, will you become an awesome supervillain already?

Maybe once I’ve built an underground lair, hahahahahahahahahahaha.

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