Instagram Punishes Girl For Being Fat, Then Apologizes and Restores Her Underwear Photo

Meghan Tonjes, 28, a musician out of Southern California, is proud of her size 16 body. Instagram? Not so much. The photo site removed the photo she posted of her underwear-clad bottom, citing a “terms of use” violation.

Tonjes, who has a large following on the site, immediately complained about the hypocrisy of the seeming double standard from Instagram — after all there are many, many photos of skinnier girls in bikinis.

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“I want people to see all different bodies, and I want to be in a bathing suit or shorts, like every other girl that I know, and not feel that because people don’t want to see that kind of body that I shouldn’t be visible,” Tonjes said.

The complaint worked.

Instagram has since apologized and re-allowed the photo, freeing up fat people everywhere to clog Instagram’s arteries with their beach and boudoir photos. Score one for anti-sizism — now if we could just do something about airline seats …

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