Is It Bigfoot? Viral Footage From Frozen Canadian Wilderness Might Solve A Mystery [Or Re-Write History …]


Our old graphics guy Drew Rueda was the biggest believer in Bigfoot you ever saw. That guy watched everything about Yetis, Sasquatches and lucid dreaming that ever existed. So I’m guessing he’s responsible for about 675,000 of the 700,000+ views this clip of a little blur climbing a mountain has generated. Because with the exception of a few diehard Bigfoot nuts and Drew (who’s in a league all his own), who else could watch this and think anything beyond, “That’s not Bigfoot.”

For all the posturing about how “in the middle of nowhere” these guys are, it’s pretty inescapable that the one guy on camera is in a short-sleeve shirt. They’re aren’t exactly equipped for frozen wilderness. This is more like ski trails of Canada.

And neither is the tiny jackass they managed to film walking up an adjacent mountain.


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