Jukin Media & Fail Army Add $1 Million In Investor Dollars To Their Scrooge McDuck-Sized Pile Of Money

Finally the phrase “More opulent than a Jukin Media mixer” can start making sense …

NMR friends Jukin Media (really though, who isn’t our friends these days?), operators of Fail Army, have a lot to be happy about today after raising a cool million bucks in their first investment round.

The company, which was started by Jonathan Skogmo back in 2009 and has since grown to 40 employees, can count such newly minted forces as Maker Studios amongst its investors — which means Robert Downey Jr. is an investor in Jukin Media by association (he invested in Maker back in the day — ooh, conspiracy theory: what if Disney actually only bought Maker to give RDJ a significant ROI so he would tentpole a film franchise for them???). Jukin Media, who in addition to being an MCN, also makes a pretty serious nut by licensing videos for use by other media companies and is actually quite profitable already.

“Demand was significant for this round, and we limited it to a small group of key investors we thought would be able to help drive our core initiatives,” Skogmo said in a statement. “Although we are profitable and did not need to raise money, we’re fortunate that we were able to bring on such a knowledgeable and connected group.”

Jukin will reportedly use the funding to add technology, employees and to possibly buy us that pony they may or may not have promised NMR back in the day — back when we were all warming our hands by the same hobo campfire, dreaming of a better life.

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