Keeping It In The Family — Jack Vale’s Son Jake Has His Own Successful YouTube Channel [INTERVIEW]

The Jake Vale Show on YouTube has an amazing pedigree — it’s sort of a new age “pranks and humor” page that stands alone — and yet, it is impossible to miss the stamp of Jake’s father, legendary YouTube pranker Jack Vale, in the younger Vale’s work.

I got to meet Jake when I interviewed his father, and I remember his keen understanding of how to frame up pranks, easy marks (that’s con artist/pranker lingo for “good victims”) and an aptitude for the fine art of pranking. So it only makes sense that he is following in his dad’s footsteps and building a following of his own on YouTube. It’s a pretty damn good following too — the “censored” video he did of the movie “Frozen” has over 7 million views, and with over 100,000 followers, he isn’t just some “Colin Hanks” living off his father’s success.

That being said, he’s not entirely out of his father’s shadow yet. So we at NMR thought we’d interview Jake and let our readers get to know who will be pranking them next.

Do you think you would have become a YouTube pranker if your dad wasn’t?

Jake Vale: I don’t know about a prankster necessarily, but I most likely would have done something on YouTube. Whether it would have been focused more towards another genre such as music, sketch comedy or a travel vlog channel.

Your mom also has a YouTube channel — are the Vales looking to dethrone the Shaytards as the first family of YouTube?

We are not specifically looking to dethrone anyone. However we are always looking to keep striving to the top and become successful and if someone does better than another it will all be humble and with respect.

What was the biggest tip your dad gave you for pranking?

The biggest tip is to stick with real reactions and to be yourself.

How does your style differ from your dads?

My style is more for somewhat of a younger crowd, but I think to think of intellectual comedy which is hard to show through pranks sometimes. I also like to try out new styles such as the new Censored series that has become very successful on my channel (which aren’t even pranks).

Is there any prank you wouldn’t do because it “crosses the line”?

Most likely there is no crossing the line with me. I like to be a little edgy and be different. However I still like somewhat family friendly so if it is maybe a little immoral or just too off color I would probably decline.

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