Ken Tanaka And Friends Teach A Valuable Lesson About Stereotypes With ‘But We’re Speaking Japanese!’ [VIDEO]

I love Help Me Find Parents, Ken Tanaka and his whole “turn cultural norms on their head” approach to life. I think they are funny and I repeat “Ken Tanaka Loves You,” his catchphrase often, even when I am not alone. But I also recognize I am part of the problem they are addressing with this video and their other monster viral hit “What Kind of Asian Are You?

Throughout this whole video, I was like, “Hey pipe down white people and random black guy. Waitstaffing is hard enough, let the poor lady do her job.”

I also could have written this article from the perspective of a guy that agrees with the philosophy of this video WAY TOO MUCH. I could have been all like, “Yeah, look at the arrogance and ignorance of racist foreign cultures! They fail to grasp that white people are a highly intelligent super race who knows everything!”

As this video points out indirectly, perspective is everything. And in case I’m ever uncertain in life, at least I know that Ken Tanaka loves me.

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