Killer Clown Scare Prank Is 2 Million Views’ Worth Of YouTube Terror


There are only four words that matter to me on this Earth from here on out:

Killer Clown Scare Prank.

If that doesn’t apply to you in some fashion, you won’t be in my will (unless you dress up as a clown and kill me — then you definitely won’t be in my will … probably).

At first I was apprehensive because there are few things I want to watch for longer than three minutes (even a fine killer clown prank can get tedious when repeated), but let me assure you: this video is really an ode to the most evil clown since Pennywise and contains several delightfully macabre evil clown antics — the most sinister of which is the gas station prank.

My god, watch this video like the other two million people did — and then watch it again right before you go to sleep. Pleasant dreams.

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