Magic of Rahat Gets Homeless Man A Home, Raises YouTube Charity Bar [VIDEO]

There’s like an unspoken competition amongst YouTubers to see who can do the nicest action for a homeless person. Jack Vale gave one money during our interview with him, VitalyZDTV bought one new clothes and teeth earlier this year, and now Magic of Rahat has upped the ante by securing a home for one.

Through the viral hype of his previous video in which he made the man, Eric, believe he’d won the lotto, Rahat generated a page to raise donations. It worked to the tune of roughly $44,000, so Rahat has set up a funding to get Eric food and amenities in a nice house for at least a year. Also, there’s a bank account set up that Eric can access, so the hope is that the down-on-his-luck man can get a new start on life thanks to the kindness of Rahat and the internet. You make me so happy some days, YouTube. Good work.

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