Maker Founders Discuss Their Origins At Maker NewFronts Party in NYC

Beet TV scored a nice “get” at the Maker NewFronts party last night in New York by handing a microphone to the majority of the Maker Studio founders and basically saying “Talk.”

“We just liked making videos. We didn’t start it to sell to Disney someday; we were just a bunch of friends who liked hanging out,” said cofounder Shay Carl.

The crew, minus NMR owner Danny Zappin (also a cofounder), was partying in celebration of their sale to Disney for a reported $500 million+ and was on hand to discuss the new connections that their Disney partnership was facilitating. “ and James Franco, people that you would normally never get to meet and talk to, but they’re, like, totally encouraged to come work with us,” said KassemG, another cofounder.

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“The idea was if we could come together and share audiences and build an infrastructure, we could all scale and build to where we are today. That was a proof of concept that if we leveraged everyone’s channels we could all grow,” said Ben Donovan, who along with his sister Lisa Nova complete the quinella of creators.

Of course now that Disney has put a lot of money on the table, it will be up to this crew and their stable of channels to keep spinning gold out of a whole lot of hay.

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