Money To Burn: Michelle Phan, Julian Lennon Join The Endemol Family [INTERVIEW?]

Some more of that famous $40 million has been spent; this time Endemol Beyond President Will Keenan lassoed in two big YouTube names — Michelle Phan, she of her self-built beauty empire and Julian Lennon, the musician son of John Lennon.

The Phan acquisition is particularly impressive because she has long been seen as a major “get” for multiple MCNs, so it speaks volumes about Will Keenan’s work ethic and cash supply that he was able to bring her and her FAWN (For All Women Network) portfolio to Endemol Beyond.

FAWN will become Endemol Beyond’s lifestyle MCN, said Keenan. “It’s a very big overall deal, multiplatform and global” and Endemol’s biggest ever to date with a YouTube creator, he said. And if Michelle Phan is to be the jewel in Endemol Beyond’s crown (no offense to Matty B, of course), certainly Julian Lennon is its … I don’t know … merkin. Certainly he will bring some off-the-cuff artsy stuff to Endemol’s channel lineup.

Lennon, tellingly, had a fabulous quote to share with Variety: “The opportunity I have (in working with Endemol Beyond) is that I have final approval,” he said. For those of you fascinated with the mystique of the Lennon boy, NMR managed to do an interview with him a while back that somehow slipped through the proverbial crack. Fortuitously, it has surfaced in such a way as to be incredibly relevant in this situation:

What made you decide to get into YouTube in the first place?

Julian: It’s the place to be … 😉

Will you only be promoting your music through your channel, or will you be doing skits and that sort of thing as well?

Anything and everything …

Is YouTube going to replace the traditional record label/artist relationship?

It’s going to change the way the world sees an artist, independent or otherwise…

What do you think your dad would have thought of YouTube?

Same as your dad …

Wow, man. Thanks. Powerful. (Abbie Hoffman holds up his fist).

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