Netflix Reigns Supreme As Undisputed Champion Of Online Streaming [Sorry, YouTube]

You want proof that it’s a slow news day? I have to try and dazzle you with the information that Netflix jumped from 31.6 percent of streaming web traffic to 34 percent since last July. That is the news equivalent of a child’s popsicle melting on a hot sidewalk — and before you think about sensationalizing that analogy with thoughts of why the child’s popsicle was slowly disintegrating on the sidewalk, just know that it was because she dropped it carelessly, not because she got abducted or anything interesting.

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YouTube, Netflix’s next closest competition for share of streaming traffic, by comparison has a paltry 13.9 percent. Of course, for those of you keeping score out there, this only applies in landline computing. In mobile devices, YouTube is actually ahead with a 17.26 percent margin and Netflix finds itself back in eighth place with only 4.55 percent of the mobile traffic.

Really, if you wanna award scores for overall competition and not just individual events though … actually, Netflix is still ahead with a total of 38.55 percent of streaming audience (4.55 +34) to YouTube’s 32.16. Hmm, that didn’t make this story any more compelling.

Well, we at NMR salute your loyalty in reading each and every story we put out. Here’s an interesting statistic as compensation:

There are some 160,000 species of moths in the world.

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