Nickelodeon Greenlights Fine Brothers Show ‘ReactToThat’

The Fine Bros. are making their major television debut with “ReactToThat” a riff on their “Kids React” YouTube series. But of course you already knew that considering we told you it was in the works.

But what you may not know is that Nickelodeon officially gave the go-ahead for The Fine Bros. to crank out 13 episodes of the kid-based show where youngsters give their take on pop culture.

nickelodeon(1)The series, which should be an amazing step forward for Rafi and Benny — friends of NMR, hit a slight bump earlier when series producer Nick Cannon posted a racially controversial video online that left some wondering if Nickelodeon would still want to be in the Nick Cannon business. Fortunately for Nick, he picks his partners well and The Fine Bros. had an amazing package to offer the children’s network that likely overwhelmed any would-be issues.

Nickelodeon has an established relationship with YouTube already, having done a run of very successful Fred movies with YouTuber Lucas Cruikshank.

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