Hannah Hart Does A ‘Monster’ Of An Interview With NMR At YouTube Space L.A. [COUGH COUGH, GODZILLA]

How’s this for meta? NMR borrowed Hannah Hart from her interview with Godzilla so we could do an interview during her interview. That explains all the lightning flashes and whatnot that surround our interview questions — there is a distinctly Godzilla flair to lightning apparently.

You have to admit though that this interview looks tougher than picking which of your two kids you will kill and eat to survive being stuck in a blizzard (you can’t kill yourself because all of you would die).

NMR friend Hannah, who has a cookbook/self-help parody coming out soon, is pretty cool for taking the time to do this sesh with us. You can help us thank her by checking out her video contribution to the Godzilla exhibit at YouTube Space L.A. — watch it hundreds of times. No, thousands.

In the meantime, share this article so you don’t get caught in a no-friends blizzard.

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