Patton Oswalt uses Funny or Die To Call Out His Internet Trolls [VIDEO]

Ahh, this whole story is like a meta cake with sweet irony frosting …

Patton Oswalt, once again host of the Webby Awards, has been posting promotional videos for the awards show on Funny or Die that particularly call out online haters and trolls. In this clip he finds that his haters aren’t the lowly neckbeards he is expecting.

And what makes it really funny is that most of the comments regarding these ads have been negative. Yup, people dislike Oswalt’s attempts to dislike them. Hey, wait a minute, there’s nothing ironic about that …

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.40.05 PM

The internet seems to love the diminutive comic — but only when he’s doing funny stuff. Ouch.

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