Popular YouTube Gamer TotalBiscuit To Undergo Surgery For Colon Cancer [VIDEO]

TotalBiscuit has colon cancer.

We thought we’d give it to you straight — no awkwardly plodding around the issue. TotalBiscuit, AKA The Cynical Brit AKA TotalHalibut AKA John Bain, is according to his page, YouTube’s #1 PC Gaming Critic. And though he released a sobering and frank video discussing his diagnosis weeks ago, it is only catching up with the internet now.

The video, which delves into his bowel issues and subsequent cancer revelation is played during a fumbling game of “Surgery Simulator” with TotalBiscuit calmly laying out the realities of his condition in his soothing bass timbre.

“There is no sign of cancer anywhere else …” Bain says during the video, which seems like a positive. “Whatever this is, it is self-contained and they can get it out.”

Still, cancer is a scary thought and we wish TotalBiscuit all the best as he endures his surgery and subsequent checkups.

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