Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers Brings 1998’s ‘Godzilla’ Movie Flop Back Into the Conversation [VIDEO]

Remember “Godzilla” from 1998? The one with Ferris Bueller and like half of “The Simpsons”? Yeah, neither did I until Screen Junkies said, “Hey, you know this new “Godzilla” movie we’re all excited for? Let’s pump the brakes a bit.”

Well I say pump nothin’! This new Godzilla could kick that old Godzilla’s ass and then some! ‘Merica!

Okay, fine, it’s probably going to suck too. Screen Junkies, you probably just saved me like two hours of my life. I would thank you, but I’m too busy writing this damn article on your damn video. And now I’ve got nothing to look forward to this weekend either. Why don’t you just tell me that all these steroids I’m taking will make my balls shrink, huh? Put some of that icing on my cake.

On the positive side, you just saved me $20, which I can use to buy more steroids.

Share this article for maximum gains, brotha. Ahhh ‘roid rage, Ahhh!

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