Silver Medal? Fullscreen Looks To Get Snatched Up By Former Maker Suitor Relativity Media

Is Fullscreen the last girl in the bar at closing time?


In the wake of its aborted bid to buy Maker Studios, Relativity Media has apparently adopted an “Anyone will do” mentality in regards to getting into the new media game.

Don’t get me wrong — Fullscreen is an awesome acquisition and I think Relativity is going to love this MCN, but it’s a bit disconcerting to see media companies running in pell mell to snatch up anything with a YouTube pedigree.

While nothing official has been announced — sources close to the impending deal say the MCN has retained the services of an acquisition firm to handle the purchase negotiations.


The big question is what is Fullscreen worth? It’s a sure bet the 3-year-old company with its 15,000+ channels is probably going to command less than the reported $100 million plus bonuses Relativity was allegedly going to pay for Maker, but how much less? At a certain point, too low a number just seems insulting. But then again, considering I don’t have a dog in this fight, I should probably just keep my big mouth shut and see what happens. I think George would like that.

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