Sorry, YouTube — There’s A Social Media Site More Popular Than You In The Middle East

What social media is the fairest of them all in the Middle East?

According to global research company Ipsos at a recent roundtable in Dubai, the answer to that question is Facebook.


Are you surprised? That could only be the answer — that’s like saying what fruit is more popular than the orange? (Trick question: the banana — but you thought it would be an apple, right?). There are 1.3 times more Facebook users on a monthly basis than YouTube users.

“The study highlights that there are 1.3 times more people accessing Facebook on a monthly basis than on YouTube, 2.5 times more than Twitter and 4.9 times more than Yahoo,” said Jo Tenzer, Facebook’s marketing science lead. “The Ipsos Facebook Reach Survey, conducted from November to December 2013, also revealed that Facebook is the second screen when watching television – 1.7 times more than YouTube and 3.3 times more than Twitter.”

_62090607_saudi_mecca_gThe bottom line? Step up your international game, YouTubers.

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