‘Star Wars’ Is Already Being Cheapened With A Charity Tie-In — But You Could Be In The New Movie [VIDEO]

Ugh, this might be worse than that “Star Wars” Christmas Special …

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not so far away at all, the Galactic Empire known as Disney sought to whore every aspect out of the “Star Wars” name to the point where it was just a bastardized shell of a term that no one would want to mention ever again.

Witness this just released video where the director of the new trilogy, J.J. Abrams, basically asks you to check out the official “Star Wars” charity called Star Wars: Force for Change … also, some goofy-ass creature shows up. I don’t know … it makes me nervous that we’ve entered back into one of those naive periods of existence that will necessitate the forthcoming of a new wave of grunge music to dredge us out.

I’m not saying that charity is a bad thing, it’s not — especially not one dedicated to coming up with solutions to world problems like “Star Wars: Force for Change” portends. But when we tie charity efforts to pop culture, it cheapens the overall magic of both properties. On the plus side, by going to Star Wars: Hope For A Change’s website, you could actually be in the new “Star Wars” movie. Chase the carrot, boy, chase the carrot.

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