The 13 Funniest Sad Ben Affleck Batman Memes On the Net Right Now [GALLLERY]

Remember when any oddball picture circulated online naturally heralded a cacophony of hilarious memes? It was sort of a badge of honor amongst the photoshop crowd as to who could come up with the best new scenario. Now Reddit’s “photoshop battles” subreddit seems like the only place left regularly carrying that banner. The “Golden Age” of absurd photoshopping seems like it is mostly over … until you get a really special photo, like this one of Ben Affleck as “sad Batman.”


While not the most inspired “sad meme” (nothing will ever beat “sad Keanu” — prolly), sad Batman works well as an inspired “f**k you” to Zack Snyder for casting Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight without first consulting the internet (though he does look good in the suit — we’ll see about the acting though).

Since these memes are more like holidays than an “everyday” sort of affair, it’s good to see that some of the truly fantastic innovators have come out to shit their opinion on this single still image we have been “gifted.” Here are some other good ones:

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