The Top 5 Most Entertaining Viral Lip-Sync Videos on YouTube

Our nation has gone lip dub crazy, people. CRAZY. Who knew that syncing your lips to a smash hit could prove to be entertainment gold? After all, Britney Spears has been doing it for years and we haven’t been reveling in that glory. But hey, it seems that the tides have turned, and now the lip dub virus has spread across the land. So in honor of us jumping on this trendy bandwagon, we’ve compiled our TOP 5 VIRAL LIP SYNCS of the moment that have been rocking our world.

Prepare yourselves for the hilarity and astonishment that ensues from watching these lip dub videos.

Not Frozen “Let It Go” its IGGY Fancy lip dub

Good Looking Parents Sing Disney’s “Frozen (Love Is an Open Door)”

I Challenge Jimmy Fallon to a Lip Sync Battle

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