Tim Schmoyer Talks The Dangers Of The YouTuber/Fan Relationship [VIDEO]

While this may just be the tip of the discussionary iceberg, I think this video from brilliant creator Tim Schmoyer could use a “nuts and bolts” edition.

Tim discusses a topic close to my heart — the potential negativity that is the interaction between YouTubers and their fans. Except at 8:00+ minutes, even I have a tough time sitting through this vid. I think there are enormously valuable tools presented here though that make the video well worth watching in its entirety.

Tim told NMR: “I talk a bit about what social scientists call, ‘parasocial interaction,’ which is basically when one party feels like they know a lot about another party, but that other party knows almost nothing about the first party. It’s most common in the relationship between a celebrity and fans.

Research … indicates that these one-sided relationships can have some pretty negative effects on fans, even when the YouTuber/celebrity is the most positive and inspirational person ever. Many of the effects are outside the control of the YouTube creator, actually.”

No, not a stalker, this is Tim.

No, not a stalker, this is Tim.

One of the most common questions we ask creators during interviews is how their fan interactions are, and if there is any negativity or scary experiences. Overwhelmingly, YouTubers, both guys and girls, have an incident or two that makes them aware of the danger of their situation. Most YouTubers don’t have the ability to live in “safer” neighborhoods and gated communities like many other public figures though, and so they suffer more from being exposed to public interaction and the risks that carries.

Do as Tim says, and be careful out there YouTubers.

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